15th May 2016

Strategy and organisational consultant VSTC, Maldives

Villa Shipping & Trading Company
Male’/Sun Island, Maldives
Interim Management, Business Development, Strategy and Organisational Consulting

– Manage and reorganize (staff, sales, relationship with resort) the dive center in Sun Island Resort & Spa;


– Analyse current operations of DiveOceanus Head Office and (4) Resorts, develop new operational model and guide implementation of new model;

– Develop plan for a new sustainable, zero-energy training and awareness center on Holiday Island and assist in the development of a proposal for a sustainable harbor.



At the time of assignment sales in the dive resorts had been declining (-30%) for several years. The facility at Sun Island (50% of total revenue and 16 staff) had several challenges among which were staff motivation, unable management, and no new business development. The overall company struggled with a lack of control and coordination in various processes within the organisation and with its surroundings. Last but not least, the development of two new dive centers was assigned to the organisation which were designated to be energy-neutral and sustainable.



As interim manager Training & Environment MABS took over the daily operations of one center and analysed the operations of the head office and the other centers on which a report with suggestions was based. Several workshops were held to align processes and resolve various issues within the organisation. Staff motivation was addressed by group and individual feedback and counseling sessions. Closer collaboration with resort was initiated to identify and start mutual beneficial initiatives.



At this moment the following results can be attributed to the assignment:

– Revenue of the dive center returned to bench marked figures within three months;

– Staff motivation and teamwork significantly improved;

– Collaboration with the resort lead to 2 new projects improving revenue and marketing exposure of both center and resort;

– Several key processes were aligned and obstructions removed resulting in reduction of process lead times with about 80%;

– New administration system implemented which gives head office real-time management information and administrative load of centers reduced with 40%;

– Concept design for the training and awareness facility delivered with proposal for the design phase;

– Sustainable design for second facility (harbor) delivered and as part of a proposal sent to the government.


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