15th May 2016


Knowledge Landscapes BV
Rotterdam, Netherlands
(Agile) Project management; Organisational consultancy; Shareholder

Phase 1: Deliver a minimal viable product (MVP) within four months, within budget and according to specifications.

Phase 2: Product upgrade with improvements to the user interface, add additional resources (Erasmus articles database), add user profiles and research IBM-Watson integration.

Phase 3: Implementation intelligence street with, amongst others, IBM Watson and Neo4j. Upgrade user interface.



Knowledge Landscapes works on the next generation (web 3.0) online tool. It creates a strategic insight in your organization and market.

– Boost your knowledge management and make it more efficient

– Empower your employees with on the spot knowledge

– Accelerate knowledge sharing in your organization

– Improve the cooperation between you and your partners

NEVA is an innovative user interface and knowledge browser to find information and people. As (Agile) project manager responsible for the development and implementation of NEVA 1.0. Assignment continued as project manager for the development of the NEVA application for the Center of Innovative Craftsmanship (CIV) for the sectors Maritime Engineering and Chemicals. Furthermore, consultancy services for the internal organisation and development of Knowledge Landscapes.



Aernout Aki Ackerman; Gijs Broos; Tijn Schmits; Roel Kramer; Jacco Beije.



Neva 1.0 was delivered in May 2015

Neva 2.0 was delivered in March 2016

Neva 3.0 was released in February 2017

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