15th May 2016

Lotus Guesthouse

Lotus Children’s Center; VSO Foundation
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Business Development, Projectmanagement

Develop and implement a Bed&Breakfast/Guesthouse that is able to contribute towards the operational expenses of the Lotus Children’s Center.



The Lotus Children’s Center found itself in a position where it was harder and harder to find funding for the operational expenses of the orphanage. The idea was raised to start several commercial activities that would contribute to covering these expenses. At the start of 2009 a yoga center and vegetarian cafe were already established but were not profitable. A third party (MABS) was sourced to develop and manage these two initiatives and setup a guesthouse in one of the newly acquired apartments bought with funding from foreign benefactors of the center.



As business development manager MABS developed and implemented a business model for the guesthouse in which young orphans from the Lotus Children’s Center would work in the guesthouse and receive training and coaching to prepare them for an independent life and livelihood outside the center. Furthermore, MABS took over the operational management of the vegetarian cafe and volunteers activities, and developed and implemented new business models for them.



– Implemented and developed the guesthouse from an empty apartment to 64 beds and three apartments, within 2 years.


– The guesthouse is currently covering 65% of the operational expenses of the Lotus Children’s Center.

– The Lotus Guesthouse has been recognised and recommended by the Lonely Planet as one of the leading guesthouses in Ulaanbaatar and Mongolia.

– Implemented a new business model for the vegetarian cafe which provides now a stable income for the Lotus Children’s Center.

– Volunteer services are now cost-neutral with volunteers developing several other activities that develop the children and create more livelihood opportunities outside the center.


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