15th May 2016

Guest lecturer Interdisciplinary Island Studies

University of Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Guest lecturer

Teach and provide students of the electoral program Interdisciplinary Island Studies with the research and analysis tools for integrated sustainability system design



The Institute of Future Studies offers the Islands program. The aim of the program is to show and teach students how islands can be metaphors for our world in the west. The program started in 2014 with great success. The 2015 program added the element of looking over the boundaries of various disciplines and backgrounds of the students and teach them a methodology to explore island from an integrated system perspective.



The Island program was enriched with some elements of the Island Renaissance approach, developed by Except Integrated Sustainability. Moreover, one separate lecture was dedicated to explain the concepts and methodology behind the integrated systems approach.



– Principles of integrated sustainability added to the educational program

– Developed and conducted lectures


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