5th November 2016

food ZO!

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Role Concept and business development
Objective Develop and implement food ZO! in Amsterdam Southeast within the next two years.

food ZO! is an initiative of four food professionals and three big companies in health care, research, and nature management. They invite you to become part of the transformation towards our food system 2.0 in Amsterdam Southeast. Their goal? Realise food ZO! 1.0 within two years.

food ZO! shows in practical ways that everything related to food, from production to consumption, from plant to human, from soil to behavior, is about to change and shall become completely different than we are used to now. This means with 100% positive impact on people and the environment.

We are currently developing two projects.

With the Innovation Centre Southeast and TNO, we are focus on the circular elements from waste, to energy, to food, to your table and back to waste.

In the Academic Medical Centre in Southeast, we link food production to research, and personalised nutrition and health for patients and visitors.



Aernout Aki Ackerman; Arjan Luiten; Monica Velasco B.; Camille da Luca-Schwartz

For more information, contact us at aki@sustainance.co or follow us on our website: food ZO!