15th May 2016

Faculty of Marine Studies and Watersports

Villa Shipping & Trading Company; Villa Hotels; Villa College
Sun Island, Maldives
Business & Organisational Development, Course Development

Develop and implement a business and operational model for a newly established Faculty of Marine Studies



In 2006 the Villa College Maldives had been founded. One of its faculties was the Faculty of Marine Studies located within Sun Island Resort & Spa. MABS was approached to realise this faculty and act as interim manager for the first two years.



Once the mission and vision of the faculty had been developed, a partnership was established with the Maldivian government to fund and train 120 professionals for the diving industry. MABS developed the courses for this program and quickly expanded to other watersports areas. Partnership were furthermore sought with two international universities to develop and conduct two bachelor degree programs within the faculty. A marine research lab with several training and research programs were started next. The faculty also sought collaboration with the tourist resort and local islands initiating several marine awareness programs for tourists, students and local inhabitants alike.




– developed and implemented the business and operational model for the faculty;

– developed and conducted course programs to train professionals in various watersport disciplines;

– implemented two bachelor programs;

– realised a hyperbaric chamber and training facility;

– implemented training and awareness programs for tourists, students and local population;

– established a partnership for whaleshark research and information center;

– realised a marine research lab.


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