19th January 2023

Connected Automated Vehicles


Joint governmental agencies (Krachtenbundeling Smart Mobility)


The Hague, Netherlands


Programme lead Connected Automated Mobility


Lead working group and cluster discussions and meetings;

Align ambitions and goals of various governmental agencies on national, regional and local level;

Develop work methods and evaluation tools for result driven societal impact

Develop roadmap for the implementation of responsible practices around vehicle admissions of automated mobility on Dutch roads;

Develop the policy vision for connected and automated vehicles in the Netherlands.


The Krachtenbundeling Smart Mobility joins the forces of the Dutch national and regional government, provinces, municipalities, metropolitan areas, road-, and vehicles authorities by more firmly connecting efforts with the aim of influencing the international, national and regional level, in order to have a greater impact on the traveler and on the international market while achieving more efficient use of public resources.

The working group Connected Automated Vehicles (CAV) is part of the cluster “Responsible introduction of new generation vehicles” and focuses specifically on being optimally prepared for the responsible introduction of Connected Automated Vehicles; connected passenger cars and trucks with self-driving functions, on Dutch roads. The working group collaborates in a targeted manner in knowledge development aimed at implementation (including business/use cases, permits, legislation, market explorations, public transport integration, spatial integration, etc.).

MABS Consultancy acted as the lead of the working group Connected Automated Vehicles (CAV) and the cluster Responsible Introduction of automated mobility (VIAV) and was responsible for drawing up a policy vision and roadmap for the introduction of CAV in the Netherlands, an evaluation framework, joint strategic program, and test agenda. MABS also structured the knowledge management environment and organized knowledge sharing sessions.


The working group CAV consists of representatives of:

– Ministry of Infrastructure & Water (I&W)

– Vehicle (admission) authority (RDW)

– National road authority (RWS)

– Regional (provincial) road authorities (Provinces of North Holland, Brabant/Limburg,  Groningen/Friesland/Drenthe, Zeeland, and the Metropolitan Region of Rotterdam The Hague- MRDH

– Municipalities (Helmond, Rotterdam)

– Knowlegde Institute for Road Authorities (CROW, SWOV)

– Programme lead: Aernout Aki Ackerman

For more information contact us at aernout.ackerman@mabsconsultancy.nl.