19th January 2023

Circular food system Altena


Municipality of Altena


Municipality of Altena


Project leader


Implement the local food roadmap towards the overall programme goals.

Set up a support network for agricultural entrepreneurs.

Explore and implement initiatives around food waste.

Develop a communicatively attractive price to inspire entrepreneurs in the field of circular thinking and acting.


On March 8 2022, the city council of the municipality of Altena adopted the circular food system program; “On the way to tomorrow’s healthy, local and sustainable meal!”. The Council has made a long-term budget available for this purpose. Furthermore, an annual plan for 2023 has been¬† approved by the municipal executive board in mid-December 2022. The annual plan consists of several projects to achieve the program goals.The overall program goals are:

1. We eat healthier for ourselves and for the environment.

2. We buy and sell local food more often.

3. We have more circular entrepreneurship.

4. We take even better care of our natural capital.

5. We use raw materials in a smarter way.

6. We have more talent for circular thinking and acting.

7. We communicate better and work together more effectively.

MABS Consultancy acts as the project leader for four (4) projects within the program and annual plan for 2023.- Implementing a shorter food chain within the municipality;- Setting up a support network for agricultural entrepreneur that wish to reduce their “food” print;- Reduce food waste and impact;- Introduce and organize an award for circular entrepreneurship.


Projectlead: Aernout Ackerman

For more information contact us at aernout.ackerman@mabsconsultancy.nl.