15th May 2016

Agrodome Malaysia

Kumpulan Sesama, SAG Farms
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Business development and board member

Develop a Polydome in Malaysia to provide local communities with their fresh vegetables and fruit. The Agrodomes are to be owned by cooperatives formed by the local population. The production facility aims to integrate with the local systems and environment, close material and nutrients loops, reduce water usage and eliminate waste.



In November 2014 Except Integrated Sustainability and Sesama Kumpulan signed a MOU to investigate and develop the idea to realise a Polydome in Malaysia. To this purpose SAG Farms was established at the beginning of 2015. During the year 2015 partnership agreements were signed with the Ministry of Agriculture and a land use agreement was signed in September. Currently, the first of four R&D greenhouses is under construction and aims to be completed in December 2015. A full scale production Agrodome is planned to be realised in 2018. This production Agrodome is the model to implement further Agrodomes throughout Malaysia.



Through the partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture a sizeable area of land is available for the development. Furthermore, the establishment of the private entity SAG Farms private investment was secured to enable the development of the first four R&D greenhouses. This PPP forms the basis of the successful implementation. The R&D greenhouses offer the opportunity to test some of the integrated systems that are part of the Polydome concept, developed by Except Integrated Sustainability. Especially soil regeneration, metabolic loops, and water and nutrient management are tested for future use in the production Polydome.



November 2014 – current


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