12th July 2016

World Heritage Center Waddenzee

Gemeente de Marne, Provincie Groningen, Staatsbosbeheer
Business consultant

Develop the preliminary business case for the World Heritage Center Waddenzee in Lauwersoog.  Through the establishment of a  WHC Waddenzee the client aims to have a positive impact on the development of the Lauwersmeer region and promote the world class qualities of the Waddenzee.



The client intends to create a world class center that does not only attract tourists, entrepreneurs, scientist and the general public towards the building itself, but offers a portal to the Waddenzee and Lauwersmeer. Connecting salt and fresh water, land and water, and genuinely be a landmark of the diversity and history of the region.

Except Integrated Sustainability was commissioned to develop the concept in early 2016. MABS Consultancy was hired to translate the concept in a preliminary business case.

Furthermore, alternative business models were identified and their challenges and benefits explored. Last, but not least, the social and economic impact was sketched which is to be researched in more detail in phase 2 of the project.



Precedent research into similar initiatives around the world were investigated on their programming, business model, exploitation budget and visitor streams. Based on this information and the concept developed by Except Integrated Sustainability the development cost, operational income and expenses were calculated and summarised in a preliminary business case.



Business model; preliminary business case; socio-economic impact scan


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