19th January 2023

Waar gaat mijn geld naartoe?




The Hague – Netherlands


Concept development and implementation


Goals 2023
· Build network and engage stakeholders;
· Implement MVP in local municipality, neighborhood, or community;
· Expand WGMGN-tool with insight in consequences of choices.


·        Over the past decades we have made governments take more and more responsibility for our lives, neighborhoods and environments;
·        We, as citizen, pay for those governmental services with our income tax;
·        People are mostly unaware of this and their own role and responsibility;
·        People feel far removed from the actions and decisions governments make on their behalf.
·        Make people aware what they pay for;
·        Make people aware of the complexity in dividing a limited amount of resources (tax money);
·        Give them the opportunity to indicate how they would spend their tax money (empowerment);
·        Make them aware of the impact of their choices on their direct environment;
·        Give them actual control, either financially or their own efforts, to influence their direct living environment.
WGMGN is a simple, easy to use and interactive, web-based tool that makes people aware of their role and responsibility in building, managing, changing and influencing their direct living conditions and environment.
Minimal Viable Product (MVP)
WGMGN is an online tool that allows stakeholders to see how (their) money is spend and indicate how they would like to distribute it themselves These insights are aggregated and anonymized, providing insight into how these stakeholders would do things differently. In addition, a distinction can be made according to the background of different stakeholders by means of three questions with which stakeholders can be subdivided into different target groups. This also makes it possible to gain insight into the opinions of target groups. The WGMGN tool does this in a playful, clear way that motivates people to share the tool more widely via social media and their own network.

The WGMGN-tool can be accessed via www.wgmgn.nl


Aernout Aki Ackerman

For more information: www.wgmgn.nl / www.waargaatmijngeldnaartoe.nl

Contact: info@wgmgn.nl