15th May 2016

Tourism-Education partnership Mongolia

American University in Mongolia (AUM) – Center for Executive Education
Ulaanbaatar/Terelj, Mongolia
Strategic consultant

Develop shared vision, road map and partnership framework



The intention of the partners was to create a tourist/business resort that would function as an educational center at the same time. The purpose was to attract business travelers and companies to the resort in combination with post-doctoral programs and training developed and offered by the AUM-Center for Executive Education. Several high-level officials of Mongolia’s leading companies are part of the AUM Board and identified the need for executive education in Mongolia. They were the driving force to bind AUM, a tourist resort in Terelj, one of the largest Mongolian travel agents, and several private investors together in this partnership.



MABS organized and facilitated various (online and offline) workshops and meetings to define the partnership objectives, vision and develop a road map towards the realisation of these objectives.



The deliverables were:

– Ambition document outlining the strategic partnership vision and objectives;

– Partnership document and agreement;

– Road map in both text and intermediate and end-state visualisations;

Due to the current economic situation the implementation has been delayed for now. Expected implementation scheduled to start in 2016.


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