15th May 2016

Polydome Arkna

Polydome OU; Except Integrated Sustainability; Growers for growers network
Arkna, Estonia
Project management

Phase 1: Deliver the feasibility study and business plan for a Polydome in Arkna, Estonia


Phase 2: Secure H2020 and private funding



The Arkna Eco-Park is an initiative of the entrepreneur Olle Saare to develop a self-sustaining community, tourism destination, health spa and resort, and farm around the Arkna Manor complex. Polydome, a polyculture horticulture food production concept developed by Except Integrated Sustainability, was chosen to supply the local community and visitor outlets with their daily fresh food supply. To this purpose, and with the financial aid EU SME Instrument phase 1 funding, a feasibility study and business plan for Polydome Arkna were developed.



The project applied a basic Except Symbiosis in Development (SiD) approach, which started with local market research. Based on the local market and crop information a productive eco-system design was developed using an iterative design approach to finetune the system. The eco-system and local requirements where then translated into feasible system, physical structure, and technology options to optimise the system. Finally, quotes from technology and system supplier where used to build the business case.



Final report for the EU SME Instrument funding authority; business plan; feasibility report (January 2016)


SME Instrument Phase 2 funding application (June 2016)

Expected start of implementation: Q3 2016

Grand opening: Q3 2018


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