15th May 2016


Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Role Founder and CEO

Develop the business model and establish a company aimed at offering travel services to both foreigners travelling to Mongolia and Mongolians travelling to Thailand, Russia, China, Guam and Tibet.



With three Mongolian partners MABS started MongolAki Ayanchin LLC. Initially started offering tailor-made adventure travel specialising in hiking, horseback riding and eco-tourism, MongolAki Ayanchin quickly expanded to offering outbound travel for Mongolians.



The initial small scale business model with regular hiking trips, tailor-made roundtrips and wintertour to the Huvsgul Ice Festival was quite successful. The establishment of a partnership with the Khavtgar National Park brought a boost to the company’s revenue. This partnership of MongolAki Ayanchin and several local partners offered horseback riding, hiking trips and developed several spin-offs that offered additional income to the local community. Around 2012 the demand for outbound travel grew, based on which MongolAki Ayanchin developed several outbound trips.



Although successful in regular hiking excursions, tailor-made round trips, Ice Festival tour, and trips to a protected national park, MABS was able to sell the company to the partners for only a small profit. A year after that the company was terminated by the remaining partners as a result of the sharp decline in the Mongolian economy.


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