15th May 2016

Eco Koh Tao

Eco Koh Tao
Koh Tao, Thailand
Research and consulting

Develop a water management plan for Koh Tao’s run-off, fresh and waste water



Due to the rapid development of the island Koh Tao during the late ’90s several natural flood lands and water reservoirs were turned into residential areas and/or polluted by dumping waste materials in these areas. This threatened the fresh water supply of the island to the extent that by early 2000 no natural drinking water could be supplied to the population. Eco Koh Tao was then formed as a loose organisation to research and consult on these issues, resulting in a water management plan and proposal for the island.



MABS assisted in researching the water flows of the island, especially the run-off into the Bay of Thailand and its conseqeunces for the marine environment. Findings were summarized in the water management plan and potential solutions formulated. The plan was offered to the governing bodies on the island. Several of the ideas and solutions were implemented in the course of 2004-2010.



– Data collection report on run-off into the marine environment

– Conclusions and recommendations drawn from research added to the Koh Tao water management plan

Although some of the recommendations were implemented by the governing bodies of the island, the most important issues with the pollution of fresh water reserves was not addressed. 100% of the potable water is currently being imported from the mainland. Natural water reserves have virtually all disappeared resulting in flood and run-off issues during rain season.


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