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Translating sustainable innovation into feasible business models

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MABS Consultancy offers sustainable business and organizational consultancy services. With sustainable innovation we mean actionable changes and solutions that enable people to improve their lives in balance with others and nature. We believe that sustainable impact is possible without sacrificing the financial bottom line.

MABS Consultancy:

Applies a pro-active, result-oriented and creative attitude within projects.

Excels in building goal-oriented networks using strong interpersonal and analytic skills.

Has a proven ability to adapt and flourish in diverse, cross cultural contexts and challenging environments.

Has broad international experience working with limited resources and a wide range of sectors.

Has a strong affiliation with training, development and coaching.


Automated Transport and Self Driving Cities


Data science, deep learning, knowledge management


Personalised nutrition and sustainable food systems


Blue carbon systems and credits

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Amsterdam / Gorssel (GLD) The Netherlands

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